Spring Forward

On the 2nd nice day of the year, here in Philadelphia. We were finally teased with a preview of amazing weather and I enjoyed every bit of it. With a perfect 70 degree day and almost no cold wind, the jacket was quickly abandoned and the toes were out.

“I couldn’t wait to break into my spring wardrobe and prance around the town like a show horse.”

There was a product haul I recently did from Ann Taylor Loft and I am really enjoying the buying selection this season. The collection is flirty, preppy and feminine, just my style. Below is a couple shots of my first outfit of the season. I also got a mini hair makeover and did some slight coloring and micro link extensions. I’m quite fond of it, worth every penny. Although I am considering lightening my hair and extensions up a bit more. I wanted a more defined and dramatic pop of color, still classy of course but a bigger hit.


Blouse & Skirt- Ann Taylor Loft

Shoes- Calvin Klein

Jewelry- Tiffany & co

Bag- Gucci disco

While you’re feasting your eyes upon this preppy goodness and as a handsome witty asshole once told me “Milf” life. I will share the brunch that started the day off right.

Over in New Hope, we took a gander at the River Cat Cafe. Let’s just say we were not disappointed. I had my usual breakfast goodies with the brunch staple Eggs Benedict, my accompanied had a scrumptious breakfast platter. We attempted to split but my greed caused me to eat all the blueberry pancakes. See food below:


The Eggs Benedict was a solid dish. Hollandaise sauce had a tangy kick, perfect lemon balance. Ham was cooked well and flavorful. I really liked the idea of this pico de gallo mix with breakfast, a unique approach to just giving you a sliced tomato and it worked perfectly. The breakfast potatoes were the star of the show, mixed with a yukon and sweet potato diced mixed it was phenomenal. I could taste a little bit of salt, pepper, burned garlic in there. I consumed the entire dish with nothing added, I’m a fan. 93b2a872-75b1-46ed-bdb2-6aab42f0fc8e

Blueberry pancakes were soft and moist. The topping was a blueberry coulis, which before yesterday I wasn’t familiar with this term. It is pretty much a blueberry reduction. a bunch of blueberries are thrown in a pan, reduced down and slightly burned to get this tasty sauce. It also needed no editions.

Here’s a few more shots of my outfit.


Hope you east coast dreamers got out and enjoyed the weather. As always I leave you with a quote.

Later Dreamers ❤


Holiday Decorating Inspo

Happy holidays to you lovely Dreamers. This year I’ve truly been in the spirit, continuing and embracing traditions for my family. This season I’m working at an interior design firm and with holiday work comes great discounts.


My Christmas tree got an upgrade this year, up until yesterday I had inexpensive but festive ornaments that I still held near and dear to my heart. But inspiration took hold and I came up with a lovely theme for my tree. The theme was, feminine, classy and whimsical. I’m sure you’re not surprised because those are all elements of my personal dressing style, so of course my tree would deserve nothing less.


A peek inside my brainstorming, I gathered these ornaments one at a time starting with the longer ivory reflector ornament as my inspiration and the mauve with sparkle ribbon. I knew I would want alot of ornaments but I didn’t want to go crazy cause these ornaments are a tad pricey. With a great discount in mind I grabbed what I believed would be enough to dress the tree without leaving too many empty spaces. The large sparkle sphere ornaments that you see really add alot of filler on a tree. I happened to be working on a real tree this year so it posed a different conflict. The branches were weak and sparse, the tree couldn’t support the amount of ornaments I had let alone adding more. So next year I’m deciding to go with a artificial tree, along with being “green” friendly; it also grants me alot more freedom with decorating.

I mean I really got in this tree.  I was trimming branches, fluffing and cutting to make it look as best as I could.

Holiday Ornaments

Classy ornaments

Here’s a shot of the filled bag I took home, the colors are spectacular and truly boost my mood just by looking at it.

I’ll link a video giving you guys the full run down on the tree. I hope you enjoyed this post and were inspired. Comment, like and don’t forget to follow the blog for more enjoyable post. Let me know what you would want to see next.

Later Dreamers.




A Cold Weather Look

Good morning to ya, Dreamers.

I decided to do more of a cozy outfit for cold weather. It’s honestly not that cold to me and I’ll take some chilly weather any day over hot and humid. I honestly die in the summer with those high temperatures. But back to our regular scheduled program. Today’s look is a little whimsy fun and feminine, this look can go from night to day. You’ll be warm and cute, honestly isn’t that what we’re all seeking?

Im becoming more comfortable with myself and losing a social awkwardness, which believe it or not, I do have. I want to film more videos for you guys and I even was thinking about a mommy diary with my top five for kids items. Let me know any suggestions that you guys want to see.

Be sure to read to the end for a little video on this outfit. 🙂

Hat- Urban Outfitters

Choker- H&M

Necklace- Tiffanys

Sweater- Free People

Pants- Sanctuary

Boots- Forever 21

Im really considering getting my teeth whitened, but not before I finally get my wisdom teeth out. I went to a dentist who only pulled one side at a time and who wants to endure that kind of pain twice? But its part of my New Years resolution. Also coming out of my shell more. Check out the video below.

XoXo, Dreamers.


Doing up Denim

Hello Dreamers, It’s a dreary weekend here in Philadelphia; but I won’t let that stop me from delivering another outfit post.

Inspired, if I dare to say that,by the weather. It’s a casual cute kind of day, although I don’t do jeans and sneakers I did attempt to dress up some denim to avoid being overdressed going no where.

This is about as casual as I could get, I mixed a few pieces to feel this outfit out. I was afraid of denim for the longest time due to my teenage years when all there was “super low riders” I feared the female plumbers crack. Not attractive and very embarrassing, yes I fell victim to the low rider addiction and it took me years to look at denim again.19F0834C-3863-4F7F-A39C-82C21D85C3A1

Details on this look:

Hat- Free People

Sweater- Anthropologie

Jeans- American Eagle

Boots- Sam Edelman

believe it or not this top was nearly impossible to shoot, the stripes were causing issues with my camera lens. Nevertheless we persisted and the shots didn’t come out too bad.

What do you love or don’t love about this look? Leave a comment and don’t forget to like, if you approve of this look.

Today’s Quote

Later Dreamers


Deck The Halls

Tis the season you lovely dreamers, yesterday I was out just browsing around. You know I just moved so I didn’t want to go into the holiday black outs with shopping. He he, but this time only comes once a year. Although we all love the gifts, we cant ignore the decorations that come with the holiday season and Im a big fan. For more deats on the holiday outfit and what you can look forward to this season on Kionna Knows, keep reading.

So the outfit is Ann Taylor Loft, the buying has been really great this season.

The boots I got a while ago, I believe Forever 21.

Necklace is Tiffany’s

So I’m not sure if I’m entirely loving the outfit, I felt it was really conservative and away from my norm with any color or crisp aspects. It was a nice change, be sure to let me know what you guys think.


This Tree was huge, for side notes I am only 5’3 (5’7) at heart lol. This season I would to visit Longwood Gardens for it’s Christmas special with the baby and really get festive. Also deciding if I want an artificial tree or a real tree. What trees do you shop for around the holidays?

Later Dreamers

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Another food post

Kionna knows food.

Yesterday morning I ate at the Turning Point restaurant. I had an egg dish as usual and a sweet dish. The Benedict was great, the rest not so much. Here are some pics from a boozy brunch


Christmas is coming


So I always wanted to start a post out with saying that. Hehe

It’s December 1st dreamers, here to get you motivated and in the Christmas spirit I’m sharing my favorite knick knacks. Christmas edition.

Before we work up the holiday bashers, please exit stage left. As we the holiday lovers, enjoy living in a whimsical fantasy land. Where there are shiny lights and inspiring decor to  indulge upon with our family and loved ones. Marshalls and Home Goods is a good spot to hit when looking for unique decor that doesn’t break the bank. Im lucky to have two good locations near my home and they have a very well stocked collection of goods.


I absolutely love these throw blankets and could be an upgrade to your holiday decor. Not expensive and looks of quality, a sure way to inspire Christmas spirit.

Im still in the process of decorating the apartment but as soon as I atleast,  complete one room then I will feel confident enough to share that with all of you.  Even if I do some subtle changes, I’ll give an update.


This ornament is an older model and was gifted a while back, as you can see my daughter quickly associated this as a toy. She then proceeded to break off one of the kittens. I can’t bring myself to throw it out, so it stays in our collection flaws and all.


My favorite and sitting on my coffee table now, a gingerbread tree from Bath and Body Works that I purchased eons ago. I want to search Ebay for more items that was in this collection. Just a thought, I will do a video tour and photo of current seasonal candles and decor when I visit the store.

I hope you enjoyed the post, feel free to post your favorite decor and let me know how long you’ve had it.

Quote of the day, Late Dreamers.

“What you are seeking, is seeking you”.

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