Kionna knows…Fashion, Music, Food and other rant worthy topics. Approaching my mid life crisis and still have yet to master adulting.

While pursing a career as a Buyer for high fashion retailers, I felt inspired to have a creative outlet. Working with designers and artist tapped into my creative desire. I enjoyed creating outfits for clients and mannequins, staging merchandise and store layouts. Not to mention the constant request for fashion advice and compliments I received, I decided to blog. Writing had always come natural to me and was one of the many subjects I enjoyed while attending college. Although my major was not in fashion my life and credit card debt revolved around the industry.

Im here to make women feel confident, inspired and empowered with the content I introduce to them.  Im a petite sassy and classy millennial who idolizes both Grace Kelly and Janis Joplin. Here to share my unique perspective with the world.

Who is Kionna? A curious, opinionated, eccentric, free spirit and a lover of all things pretty; a girly girl. Here to influence like a socialite, live controversial like rock stars and have an appetite for success that would rival Wall Street.

Married to Jim Morrison in spirit,  I mostly understand cRazY people.