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A Season For Passion

Hey Dreamers, so in my recent weeks I have changed gears and taken some risk in order to pursue my passions.

This happens about once a year where I talk myself in and out of risk. Quite frankly, I’m often indecisive and like most I fear the unknown and even worst failure. But you already failed if you never tried and you must give yourself time to learn and grow.

With that being said, I’ll just spit it out now and honestly it’s very obvious. My passion that I’m going to stick with is Real Estate and Fashion. These two subjects have always been in my immediate realm of interest. I believe there’s a way to tie the two together and not to mention, dressing a house up is called “interior design” which I also love. So in strolling undeveloped neighborhood and assessing future values before work I took a couple photos in the rawness.

Featured in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. There is so much potential; in less than a mile you have a mix range of houses that are historic, unique, spacious and worth close to a million dollars easily. There’s plenty where that came from!

The area is very sectioned off where a few blocks are completely impoverished and a step to the right side of the tracks can put you in an affluent neighborhood.

I currently reside in Chestnut Hill, which is a stone’s throw from these houses. If you seen my last video and the houses I filmed, are in walking distance from where im standing now.


Now if we can change gears a bit to inquire on the details of my outfit…

Yes, I know you’re wondering. Keep reading for the scoop.

Lashes- Kiss so whispy

Lippie- Burts Bees

Beaded bracelet- Tiffany’s

Sweater- Anthropologie

Pants- Banana Republic

Shoes- Club Monaco


Slingback Shoes- Club Monaco


My outfit was really centered around wearing these shoes, I kept everything in my apparel clean and let the slingback really shine. I did have a scarf to knock the chill off from this windy fall weather but it didn’t photograph as good as I wanted, so I chucked it from the shot. What do you think?

Please share you passions in the comment section and if you have more than one, talk about how you plan to tie those passions together or what it would take to settle on one.

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Later Dreamers. Xoxo



Fall Fashion

Hey Dreamers, ready for some fall fashion and a pinch of dreamy real estate? Keep reading for your fall fixx.

I was really basking in the wondrous fall climates yesterday; and since I didn’t have to break a sweat I decided to do a little shooting in my most complimented fall get up. Which is pretty simple honestly, it’s all about layering. I often always am guilty on layering because some times “more is more” and it just comes together so effortlessly. Not to mention for those of you who get a little chilly, there are transitional pieces in the outfit to add in additional layer of warmth.

The neighborhood and sunlight was absolutely beautiful yesterday. In my opinion was a truly perfect fall day. All the trees and leaves haven’t yet turned colors yet but that’s fine as I love greenery above all else.

Lashes- Kiss (So Wispy)

Fedora- Urban Outfitters

Watch- Nixon

Khaki dress shirt- Abercrombie & Fitch

Socks- Anthropologie

Embellished Boots- Target

*Full disclaimer, that this outfit was purchased some time ago and have been in my favorites since last year, so I don’t know for sure that the items are still available for purchase. I’ll make sure to purchase items in season to debut for you guys.


Thanks for reading, scroll down for a little lusty real estate below in my video.

Quote of the day

“No one is you, And that is your power!”

Later Dreamers



Life Changing Little Things

Ready to Go Native?

As the seasons change, so does our scents. Those warm cozy scents that excite you and wraps you up like a warm blanket. Even though perspiration levels should be low, for some of us. Our deodorants have kicked it up a notch to cement itself in our morning routine. Native has a great line up this season,  in it’s seasonal fall pack you’ll get excited about October all over again. With amazing scents that make you feel nostalgic but all good feelings because none of the bad stuff listed in ingredients.

Lemon Zest and Pomegranate, Lilac and White Tea, Orange and Honeysuckle.

I was a bit disappointed that they did not include the Pumpkin Spice Latte scent in this line up, given that pumpkin is the epitome of fall. But the other scents hold their own and Lilac and White Tea is what I’m currently sporting and my new favorite.

Down to the facts-  Native deodorant does not contain any harmful ingredients, you can expect their products to be free of Aluminum, Talc, Parabens and phthalates.

When I stumbled upon Native I was seeking a natural deodorant. Why? What’s the difference between natural and “regular” deodorant?

In my experience I was led to believe that deodorant is all the same and that my body goes through changes and it was my own body’s fault that I was having the issues that I experienced. Those issues included burnt underarms, the skin was so much darker than the rest of my body. I was embarrassed and I lost confidence, I never wore anything sleeveless and I wouldn’t even think about taking pictures with arms up to expose the dark skin. I had no idea where this was coming from but I continued using my regular deodorant.

Other issues included, really bad body odor and abnormal amounts of perspiration. I smelled horribly once my deodorant went flat, my sister of course had the courtesy to tell me but I knew that the smell coming from my underarms was something foul.

I often had to just wash my underarms with a washcloth and soap 2-3x a day!

Yes you read that correctly. The perfuse sweating was that similar to an athlete, I’m normally on the warmer side and uncomfortable in hot or warm temperatures because I do tend to sweat. But the pit stains were immense, I started to avoid white shirts and focused on the underarms when doing laundry unless I just wanted to toss the shirt.

All of that changed with Native, this company completely changed my Ph balance. I could go the whole day without applying deodorant and not smell terrible. My sweating died down and when I do tend to apply deodorant in the morning it last me all day. I can’t thank them enough and I converted for life.

Quote of the day

Later Dreamers.


The Death of Genuine Friendship?

An article that every Millennial or GenZ should read. Or not read since it’s been proven the lack of attention span or inability to find worth in words; that’s not attached to a picture engulfed in a multitude of “likes”.

On this beautiful Sabbath day, I pondered the prosperity of my relationships and the lack of genuine friendships. No, this not an article blaming social media for societal excuses. This is putting the blame right on you! For using social media as an excuse. All of us have witnessed the culprit, the one who robs joy, kills relationships and even real life people. A virtual reality is still one that we have to face, which society has turned away from. Passivism is at an all time high because our choices in society are at all time high. With entities and platforms fighting for our attention, has left us blind to the people standing right in front of us.

What is it about making people feel important that we loathe so much?

Now of course under certain circumstances we will downright exhibit stalker traits towards celebrities. You lack the attention span to socialize with more than one person, so your boyfriend/girlfriend is the only one entitled to your immediate attention. Notable mentions for parents, giving undivided attention to their children. But they don’t necessarily fit in this topic with a discrepancy on age as you won’t be socializing with them as you would an adult.

Cardi B has a line in her song Be Careful “Liking pictures not returning text”. Same with Drake in Star67 “Text from a centerfold, I ain’t reply. Let her know I read it though”. What is it about making people feel important that we loathe so much? Or is it the attraction of being ones priority that we like to exhibit power? Negativity has taken the leading role in American culture while Positivity watches the show from the bench backstage. In this picture perfect, idolizing, highlight reel on Instagram world. Have we actually tricked ourself into thinking human beings are capable of achieving perfection? I mean, celebrities only respond when a troll points out their imperfections. Platforms like The Shade Room have an ongoing segment for celebrities responding to negative comments called “Clap back” and TMZ wouldn’t exist if the breaking news pertained to topics we already knew about.


For us common folk who have much smaller platforms our attacks are more personal and don’t yield us any revenue. In fact it does just the opposite and often times we have seen that our attacks aren’t limited to individual retaliation; others pay for our harshness or passive aggressive behavior. Formal communication is a thing of the past and in my opinion and personal experience has been the death of genuine relationships. A social appreciation to find worth in words are a scarcity, unless of course its in 140 characters or less.

Intentional avoidance is not the answer, sure in some cases where the relationship is toxic and you already addressed with the particular person what you didn’t like about their actions. In some cases there is no need to engage in conversation because of their actions, such as huge blow up or constant nagging, complaining, negativity.

It’s whole heartedly amusing until it’s you. We live in a society where we can only connect through pain and not happiness.

When terror strikes, we realize the ones we love and the kindness in strangers through the connection of tragedy.

Yes, its true. We have seen the extreme cases of forced isolation with mass shootings, opioid crisis and suicide. Which I don’t want to dive to deeply into but I can assure those people felt gravely alone and felt like they had no other options or people to turn to.

So as a relatively sane person and a person who is able to understand various personality types, even if I don’t agree. Here are 7 tips for recognizing and knowing when you have a genuine friendship.

1. You Are a Priority- If I have to hear ” I’ve just been really busy” one more time, I’ll be forced to lose it.  No one is ever busy it’s all about priorities. Make a note to yourself that this person isn’t mature enough to tell you what’s wrong and would rather ignore you instead of communicate resignation.

2. Future Plans– You are actually invited to events, not just told about the persons great experience. “Yea that sounds like fun, I wasn’t doing anything I would’ve enjoyed it as well.” This person doesn’t want you around or you’re simply not in their planning.

3. No Comparison- If someone is constantly speaking in “VS terms” they are not a friend. But everyone thinks you’re pretty, I don’t need to wear makeup like you do or you’re always dressed. Oprah once said “You can’t be friends with someone who wants your life” just move on.

4. They Address Flaws- This is a good trait, someone always stating “oh nothing is wrong” means that something is wrong. A real friend wants to get past the hardship and that can’t happen if they never address it or don’t feel the relationship is worth preserving.

5. Celebrated Success Goals- You have a great idea on wanting to take a risk in starting a new business. This person tells you every possible negative to deter you or shows no excitement for your new journey. “Your enemy is never a stranger” cut ties and keep it trucking.

6. Company In Hard Times- So you may be a bit negative this month, you had a break up, finances are in a difficult time or you’re dealing with family drama. This person wants nothing to do with letting you vent and avoids contact when you need it the most. There’s nothing worth than someone you care about leaving you at hard times. “Don’t judge my life by the chapter you walked in on”. We all have rough patches, but don’t be willing to accept less than what you’re worth.

7. PRN Contact- Oh this is my favorite “I have friends that I talk to twice a year and we still are very good friends”. Yeah yeah, miss me with that B.S. You mean to tell me, that you ignore their text, calls, don’t show up to invites or value their company when in their presence and you are still good friends? I didn’t think so. But let this be communicated as wanting as little or no contact with you. If you stop texting first, you’ll never hear from them again.

Do you guys have any other noteworthy tips? Traits you love about your friendships or what’s important to you? Please share them in the comments down below.

Quote of the day

Later Dreamers 💜


A Tiffany’s Affair

Hello Dreamers, and welcome back. I’ve been thinking of treating myself lately or letting someone do it for me. I’ve been in the market for a new piece of jewelry and who better than the jeweler who coined their own color blue, who Audrey Hepburn couldn’t get enough of and what every guys apology should be followed up with? Yes, you guessed it; Tiffany & Co.

Now I know what you’re thinking and you’re going to ask me, well “Kionna is it your birthday?” “You getting engaged?” (God I hope so). “Girl you got that promotion?” umm no. But nevertheless it never hurts to create a goal. For when you reach those special occasion benchmarks in life, you already a step ahead and have the perfect gift in mind.

With a place so Magnifique as the French would say, it’s hard to narrow down your options. I do of course have my favorites and every day wearables and those special pieces I lust after. Keep reading for pics and specs.

The keys are a great purchase, you won’t be saving these necklaces for a special occasion. Throw it on to jazz up your Tees, dresses or pose for a selfie. I know you ladies love that. These keys won’t break the bank, so treat yourself and splurge or complain to your man that this is what he needs to get to make up for upsetting you. I’m sure we can get creative and throw a laundry list of examples.

The regular key measures out 2” long
The mini key measures out 1” long
Although it’s difficult to layer the 2” necklace, you honestly won’t need to as it fills out the cleavage line perfectly and gives that touch of glam.

I did remember the nail color in the main photos and its OPI Cony Island Cotton Candy for those of you looking for the perfect nude nail.

Here’s a shot of the bracelet and I want to you all to know how difficult this shot was, due to my OCD. The back of the heart charm is not colored with the Tiffany blue, it is actually sterling silver with “Return to Tiffany & Co New York”

Finally, for my crush of the day. The Tiffany & Co. famous solitaire engagement ring in the Tiffany setting, yellow gold of course for me. It’s so flattering, so classic, extremely elegant, beyond feminine and essential to ring finger happiness.

Later Dreamers, here’s our quote of the day.

“A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other. Even in those times when you struggle to like each other”

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