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Fall Faves: Candles and Accessories

Hello and happy fall, dreamers. The fall is my happy place, I don’t have to sweat profusely like an NBA player on the court. The insects go back to hell where they came from, serial killers come from hell just in time for horror movie night. Cozy sweaters leave the drawer to comfort my skin and bring warmth without a heavy coat. Scarves let … Read More Fall Faves: Candles and Accessories

Rochas, the girl and the shoe.

Rochas Paris I have been in love with the iconic brand since my teenage years. Rochas is the epitome of feminism, class with a touch of luxury that looks and feels like royalty. For us girls who don’t feel as confident in stiletto’s and prefer our block heels. Females gain the power to take on the world with the right shoes. As a famous Monroe woman said “Give a girl the right … Read More Rochas, the girl and the shoe.

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